Sunday, December 07, 2008

Little Jellyfish amigurumi

I have had too many serious amigurumi failures lately. I should not neglect the yarn weight or pick patterns that are not well-made. Anyway. I finally crocheted something worth showing! Here's my new friend, Jellyfish:

I look cute... but don't touch my marbles.

The pattern was a bit different than what we're used to, but J.R. had no problems translating it to me. And I had no problems crocheting the Jellyfish according to his directions. By the way, when I say that J.R. translates the patterns for me, I don't mean that he translates them from English to Finnish. I don't understand patterns at all, not in any language, so J.R. "codes" them open for me. Here is a sample of the "Little Jellyfish" code:

The jellyfish is drawn by me. I obviously have a hidden talent.

I know that I should probably learn to read the patterns by myself too... but I think they're easier to follow in J.R's way. He tells me when to increase, when to decrease and how many stitches I should end up with. I get confused with words, but there's nothing confusing in numbers. They're so universal.

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  1. Aw, how cute! I'm glad to see you crocheting again.