Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Learning by doing some other stuff

I was really ill yesterday. First my eyes started to ache and I decided to take a little nap. I slept for few hours and when I woke up I had the most terrible headache. But I took a pill and ate some banana cake that J.R. baked and I started to feel better. Though I'm not sure if it was because of the pill or the delicious cake. Anyway.

J.R. and I spent the last weekend in Viiala. This time we had no particular reason to visit my parents, I just wanted to visit them and J.R. had no better plans either. OK, we had this one reason: my mom wanted to take J.R. to pick mushrooms with her. I had to go with them too, though. My rubber boots were too big and they make my toes ache. I didn't complain much, though.

And now our fridge is filled with trumpet-shaped chanterelles.

And my sister commented my weight. She said that I should watch what I'm eating because I'm getting chubby. She's so polite, isn't she? She's right though, I'm getting heavier. But in my opinion I'm just getting healthier. Couple years ago I was like anorexic. I wasn't eating much and I lost a lot of weight in a short time. It's good that I'm actually eating nowadays and it's only good that my body is taking its natural shape again. I was not born to be thin and it doesn't suit me. My current size is OK and I hope my sister stops makings comments about it.

I thought that I should write something about my school too. I have now studied three weeks in Laurea University of Applied Sciences and I'm still not sure if it's what I really want to study, but it's not bad either. For example we have had some interesting data network architecture lectures. And our school is actually quite nice looking in the inside:

Laurea has this fancy thing called "learning by developing". It means that we are forced to work in groups. A lot. And I'm not a fan of group working so it might become a problem. Our last project was ten page report of the history of the telecommunication. I wrote about smoke signals and homing pigeons and stuff. It was actually quite interesting. And today we gave a short presentation of the subject to the rest of the class. I think our presentation was the best of the bunch. There were better performers but their presentations were too long and too heavy in the details. So I could congratulate myself for doing a good job.


  1. yummy mushroom! glad you're getting better! :]

  2. Kivan näkönen kyl. Amiksis näköjään tykätään esitelmistä ja ryhmätöistä. Serkkuki joutuu pitämään NÄYTELMÄN potilastapaamisesta! Pimeetä jos multa kysytään.

  3. Heh, mä oon kuullut että kätilöopiskelijat opiskelee oikeastaan pelkästään näyttelemällä. Ja niissä näytelmissä on ihmeellisiä rooleja, esim. "teini-ikäinen poika". Miten se liittyy kätilön työhön? Koska kootaan ensimmäinen kätilöistä koostuva teatteriryhmä? Hamlet synnytyssalissa?

    Sori kaikista kätilöjutuista. Liittyi asiaan vain osin.

  4. Onneks suuhygienistien ei tarvinnut pahemmin näytellä. Niille riitti ihan oikeitakin potilaita :P