Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What I got this year

This is traditional too. My third "what I got this year" list:

- Mop
- Hair dryer
- Towels
- Three Taika mugs (o,4 l) by Iittala
- Taika bowl by Iittala
- Suuri Toivelaulukirja 19 (sheet music)
- Optical mouse
- Random cosmetic products
- Pajama
- Wool yarn
- Pistachios
- Derwent Water Color set
- Two tank tops
- Chocolate!
- Nail clipper
- Socks
- Mug
- Eyes and noses for amigurumis
- Calendar
- Small wooden box
- Gift token to the Body Shop
- Free tickets to movies

I always get a lot of presents, but usually I get things I don't really need. So this year I decided to change the system: I wrote a simple wish list and passed it to my family members. I told them that the things on my wish list are only suggestions and they don't have to get me anything from the list if they don't want to. Of course I was a little worried that my family would find my list inappropriate, but on the other hand I thought it would be helpful for them too. I'm not the easiest person to give presents for. Now I'm really happy that I decided to write a wish list. I got such a great gifts: things I needed (such as the mop and the nail clipper) and things I wanted (for example the Taika mugs and free tickets to movies). I'm totally going to write a wish list for the next Christmas too!

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