Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good morning!

It's Christmas eve and I just woke up. I was going to sleep really late, but it's impossible to sleep here. The others are making too much noise. They have no manners. Anyway. I realized that I have been neglecting my blog, but I have been too busy with Christmas presents, crocheting, spending time with J.R. and working, so I forgive myself.

But I'm going to make it up to you. So I started to work again. It's the same place, same job. And it feels like I never left there. When I visited my parents last weekend, I met my sister, and she said "who's so crazy that hires you". I'm sorry, sister, but I'm actually really good at my job, and the others appreciate my work too. Last Friday I accidentally bump into our CEO, and even he said that I'm doing a great job. He also asked if I was able to keep working for them, but I said that I can't. I'm studying now.

On Friday the CEO also gave me a bottle of red wine. It's was a firm's Christmas present for it's employees. I felt a little discriminated. They wouldn't give pork to a Muslim, would they? So why they are giving alcohol to a teetotaler? I don't approve alcohol. And now I'm stuck with a bottle of Santa Julia Magna I can't give to anyone, because it would be against my moral. Great...

And on Monday I had an tooth ache. Or actually it started on Saturday, but on Monday it became unbearable. The gum of my lower wisdom tooth was clearly inflamed and I decided to visit a dentist. And without a warning he removed my upper wisdom tooth. He said that the lower wisdom tooth is not having enough space because of the upper wisdom tooth, and that is causing the inflammation. But I'm just one lucky kid, I didn't feel any pain when he removed the tooth, and I didn't feel any pain after the operation either. And I mean nada! My cheek didn't even swell!


  1. Hyvää Jullea! =)

    Kai teillä nyt joku viiniä juo? Ehkä ne vaan ei muistanu ettet juo... "kaikkihan" Suomessa kato juo...

    Ootan innolla mahdollisia "katselin äitini tekevän salaattia minulle" -postauksia. Jos toi nyt on oikeaa suomen kieltä. :P

  2. "And now I'm stuck with a bottle of Santa Julia Magna I can't give to anyone, because it would be against my moral."

    Yritin sanoa, etten voi antaa sitä viinä pois, kun en hyväksy alkoholia, enkä siten voi myös antaa sitä eteenpäin :(