Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kids, don't plagiarize!!!

It's unbelievable how some people don't take plagiarism seriously. We had this report we had to write for a school project. It's not easy to write several pages when there are more than one writer, so we agreed that each one of us would write one part of the report separately. And when we meet for the next time, we would put the parts together and continue writing from there.

So we had a meeting on Saturday. One member of our team didn't show up. We weren't surprised, and actually we were quite happy that he decided not to come. But he had wrote his part... but his text didn't really match his skills. We knew he wasn't a good writer, probably due to his foreign background. So we did a little Google search... and found out that at at least one big part of his text was directly copy&pasted from the web. Since we couldn't trust his text anymore, we had to rewrite everything. That meant hours of extra work...

I just wonder how he dared to plagiarize. He would have gotten troubles for all of us. He did the plagiarizing but the teachers would have blamed us for not doing the report together. And I wonder if he thought about his reputation. Of course the word spreads and soon nobody wants to work with him. He's already an unliked team mate because of his laziness and lack of original ideas.

And I feel wrong because I have been spreading the word to some of my school mates. I should have talked to him, not behind his back. But I was so disappointed and angry. We were ready to correct his misspellings and grammar errors, but he didn't give us a chance. He should have said to us that he's having problems and we could have helped him. We can't all be great writers, but we can all be honest.

Anyway. I have wrote a lot for school lately, and I still have plenty to do. But all this writing has reminded me how much I love it. Writing is just the best damn thing ever. It's better than crocheting. And maybe, but just maybe, even better than hanging out with J.R.

And apparently I'm one of the best writers in my class. It's just a shame that I know nothing.


  1. some people have lots of nerve... he could have ruined it for all of you!

  2. Jos vastaavia tapauksia vielä ilmenee, anna halukkaille mun yhteystiedot. Mä voisin pientä palkkiota vastaan kirjoittaa toisille esseitä ja esitelmiä. Sitten se ei olisi edes plagiointia - alihankintaa vain.