Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amoena lurves technology... or something

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately. And lazy with everything else too. Right now I should be working on a big school project but I feel like sipping tea and blogging instead.

J.R’s been working at Alternative Party and I've had to spent a lot of time alone. And I have to confess that I suck at it... I have just waited for him to come home. I simply don’t function without him so I have been a lot less productive than usually. And it bothers me a bit since I should have done like million things during this weekend.

Anyway. Yesterday J.R. suggested that I should buy HP Mini-Note since they are selling them with a very low price tomorrow and he's able to queue it for me. And after that he pointed out how I’m the biggest geek in our household since I already have two laptops, a communicator, a fairly new cell phone and I’m planning to get my third laptop when he only has one small laptop and he's happy with it.

But I really don’t think that the amount of gadgets makes you a nerd. Even when you know how to use them and use them a lot. I have covered this subject before and I remember that I came to conclusion that the only thing that makes you a nerd is passion towards everything nerdy.

And I has it.

But I just like to take an advantage of technology. For example I’m currently writing this with my communicator since it allows me to write comfortably on our retro armchair. And the other reason is that since we don't have wlan, I can't surf the web while writing. It sure helps to keep my mind focused on blogging.

Just me, a cup of tea and my communicator. The perfect setting for blogging.

And I use my Nokia 6111 cell phone as a blogging tool too. I don’t really make phone calls (only rarely to my mother) or anything else you’re supposed to do with a phone. My phone is my camera and I take pictures pretty much on a daily basis. I photograph our crochet projects, school stuff, people I’ve met, things I want to blog about... And I know that the pictures I take are a bit LQ since my camera is not super. But the camera function is easy and fast to access and that's the only thing that matters. I don't take pictures to make my blog more artsy. I take pictures to show things and to share information.

And I love my Asus laptop. Yes. It has Vista and all the Vista problems. But it runs FL Studio and Adobe Illustrator, it works and it’s mine. The only down side is that it’s too large and heavy to carry with you just for fun. That’s why I want a mini laptop, so I could take it to school and to Viiala for the shortest visits without breaking my back.

And then there is my first laptop, Acer TravelMate (you can see it in the picture above). It works like shit. It’s like big and heavy, gets hot when you use it and makes an awful noise. But it has an emotional value. So little while ago J.R. installed Debian (though this is not 100% fact, this is just what I recall from our conversations) to it so it would at least boot really fast. And I assume it does now. Anyway. It is going to be placed on our kitchen table so I could IM and blog while we crochet... So it's going to be in use again as soon as we get everything set.

Umm... So I guess that in a way I love technology and I'm not afraid to use it as much as I need it. It makes blogging easier. And my life is blogging so I guess it makes my life easier too. And that's cool. And all nerds are cool, even though that claim has pretty much nothing to do with this post.


  1. LOL- what a great post. I love my electronics, too. :]

  2. Uuu pitkä postaus! ^^

    Toi valkonen pehmeä tuoli ja musta tyyny ja joku rätti näyttää tosi hyviltä. Mustavalkonen on hyvä yhdistelmä.

  3. Mä haluisin kanssa sellaisen Mini-PC:n... En oikein tiedä, minkä takia, mutta just siks vaan...

    Oishan se luennoilla hyvä, vois tehdä koneella kaikki muistiinpanot kätevästi.

    Oon kuullut, että niissä kestää akut tällä hetkellä aika huonosti? Just se ois mun mielestä tosi tärkeetä... Pitää siis ehkä vähän odotella.

    Toi 150e:n tarjous oli kyllä sen verran hyvä, että jos vaan oisin tiennyt siitä etukäteen, niin olisin ehkä mennyt jonottamaan.

  4. Elina, se joku rätti on meidän musta Ikea-huopa. Että voi kivasti siinä viltin alla bloggailla eikä tuu kylmä. Vielä kun se teekuppi siinä, ni voiko oikeasti enää muuta toivoa?

    Pete: Mua ärsyttää, kun meiltä on käytännössä koulussa viety kaikki into kirjoittaa omia muistiinpanoja. Kaikki luentomateriaali tulee sellaiseen koulun työtilaan. Ei siinä sitten viitsi mitään alkaa itse kirjoittelemaan.

    Että mäkin haluaisin oikeastaan sen Mini-PC:n ilman mitään fiksua syytä. Että pääsee dataamaan luennoilla, jos on tylsää ja voi blogata jos huvittaa.

    Bloggaaminen on kyll hyvä syy kaikkeen :P