Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Imaginary amnesia

I’ve been inspired by my sister’s (she's got back home from the hospital, by the way) amnesia lately. I started to wonder how would it be if I’d lost my memory now and I would have to learn again who I am. What would I think about myself? Would I like my life?

I guess I would like my home. Our apartment is fairly new and in a very good condition. And we have enough space for both of us. I think I would also like the way our home is decorated. Nothing too fancy but oh so cosy. I would also smile for the extraordinary decoration items that we have many.

And I would definitely like my choice of a boyfriend. I would fall for him all over again and it wouldn't even take long. It didn't matter back then that I didn't knew anything about him and I think it wouldn't matter now either. And I would totally congratulate myself for scoring a younger guy.

My sister couldn’t remember what kind of clothes she used to wore. I wonder if she was happy with her wardrobe once she got to discover it. I’m not sure if I’d be 100% happy with my so called style. It lacks personality. I just wear black tops and blue jeans day after day. But I would love my scarf and pendant earrings collections. That’s for sure.

My family. I would be sorry to realize that I don’t really keep in touch with them. I’ve always said it’s because I live so far away from them and because my sisters treat me like an alien. But I could do more. I could call them once in a while instead of waiting for my mom to call every Sunday.

I would probably be surprised to find out that I’m studying Business Information Technology in Laurea. That’s pretty low. But I guess I would cope with it after a while. I’m not saying that I don’t like my school. I just think that I could have done better. But at least I’m studying something I’m truly interested in and I could be good at. And my school is nice and I have some cool classmates too.

I guess I would be a bit shocked at first to find out how little friends I have. But my shock would vanish quickly after finding out how great all my friends are. Hannes for example is just super, he’s like my gay best friend.

I think that all in all I would be happy with my life. Why wouldn’t I be? I have everything I need. A little while ago I found a list of things I would like to change in my life. I remember writing it like years ago. And I was surprised to find out that I had made all those chances.

Life just seems to find its ways.

EDIT: Hannes wanted me to clear out that he's not gay. He's just like my gay best friend.


  1. very nice post! makes you put life into perspective. :]

  2. :D Mietin eka et mitähän Hannes tosta like gay jutusta miettii, sit luin loppuun asti ja repesin. :D :D

  3. (Huomasin ekaa kertaa että ton postauksen saa tänne kommenttisivuille näkyviin :D) Sitä vaan, että onhan sekin tavallaan tyyli jos pitää aina samoja vaatteita... vaikka valkkaiskin ne aamulla sen perusteella et ottaa aina ne samat. :P

  4. Bloggeriin on tullut joku uusi ominaisuus että se embeddaa tän kommenttieditorin sinne postauksen loppuun, mutta mä en tykännyt siitä. Tää oli vaihtanut sen automaattisesti, mutta vaihdoin takaisin tähän. Tämä oma sivu kommenteille on jotenkin helpompi hahmottaa.

    "(17:58:07) Hannes: en oo gay!!!"