Sunday, October 05, 2008

Amoena's birthday party

Yesterday we celebrated my 22th birthday (my real birthday is not until Wednesday). Ossi was the first guest to come and he wanted to give his present to me right away. He gave me new stuffed animal to put in our refrigerator. Yes. We have stuffed animals on our fridge.

Last Christmas I got a stuffed toy cow from my work and I didn't knew where to put it. My fridge looked empty so I put it in there. And it's been living in our fridge ever since.

And now he can chat with the panda when the door is closed. He's no longer lonely.

I got other presents as well. Hannes gave me a puzzle game in case of we get bored of crocheting. It was a really difficult one, with skyscrapers and a big blue sky. I'm not sure if Hannes is a good friend or not... Julia gave me Irish Coffee set for four, but she said that she thought they would be perfect for glögg too. And I like glögg. And J.R. gave me a book I have been wanting to read.

And we ate some chocolate cake that J.R. had baked the day before. He was really excited about the cake and I think he did a really good job. I'm not an expert on chocolate cakes but it was delicious for sure. He also baked banana cake but that was not as big of a project as the chocolate cake. And I made some feta-olive muffins but I think I put too much salt in them.

My boyfriend cooks and crochets... and bakes chocolate cakes. Are you like envious?

I'm running out of words now. I surely had fun and I think the others were enjoying as well. But since we mostly just goofed around, there is not much to blog about.


  1. Toi on ihan mahtava idea laittaa pehmoeläimiä jääkaappiin, hahaha!

    Hyvää syntymäpäivää!

  2. happy birthday!
    you have stuffed animals... in your refrigerator. that's um... cool! ;]
    yes, you do have an awesome bf!

  3. Jee, muistin oikein et täytät 22. :D Onnea. Mäkin oon kohta jo neljännesvuosisadan vanha, ei hätää.

    En mä virkkaavaa poikaystävää ehkä kadehdi, mut sitä kyllä joka suklaakakkuja tekee! Ja kokkaa. :)

    Onko ne muuten pakko pitää noissa pakkopaidoissa ne pehmolelut? Kärsiskö niitten turkki ilman muovia? Tulee jotenkin mieleen sarjamurhaajan uhrit ruumispaketeissa. Ei millää pahalla. :D

  4. Thank you for the congratulations!

    Totta kai suojamuovissa. Ei mee turkki likaiseksi ja jos menee niin saa pyyhkäisemällä puhtaaksi :D