Thursday, October 02, 2008

Introducing some new amigurumis

Say "hello" to my new amigurumi friend! His name is Bärtil the Bear and I just got him finished. The inspiration came from Imaginary Wardrobe; Riikkael mixed two patterns and I did the same. The body pattern is from Crochetville forum and the head is from Animeko pattern. Riikkael crocheted a cute red hoodie for his bear, but since I'm not that talented, I decided to crochet some autumn accessories instead.

Hmm... I think I did well with the body, but the face could be better. It sucks that I don't have any big plastic doll eyes. I only have small ones and they were way too small for this bear. Plastic eyes would have made the difference. I'm quite happy with the beret too since I crocheted it without a pattern. And I'm not good at improvising, especially when it comes to crocheting.

He looks a bit stiff. Maybe he could relax a bit.

The tail is my own creation. I wanted my bear to have one.

My bear is like me, always wearing a scarf.

I could wear this beret too. Maybe I should crochet one for myself?

J.R. crocheted a hippo. It looks quite small in the picture, but don't get fooled. He's climbing on a very big book. The pattern is from BitterSweet.

This hippo is doing some heavy reading.


  1. I think your bear is cute! I like the hippo! :]

  2. Toi virtahepo on kyl taitava ku osaa lukea sivuttain tekstiä! :P

  3. Thanks, Sunnie =)

    Elina, no miksei sivuttaankin kun kerta ylösalaisinkin voi lukea :P

  4. Ihan tulee Nalle Luppakorva mieleen. ^.`

  5. Oh, i love the bear, so cute! :) Is it you who wrote on my blog? :)

  6. Yep. It was me. And I'm pretty sorry that I don't understand Swedish. Even though I probably should since I've studied Swedish for years now :P