Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogging with a communicator

I got a new toy! J.R. said that I can use his old Nokia communicator for blogging purposes. I told him earlier today how I always get the best blogging ideas when I'm at school and unable to blog. I just don't know how to write by hand anymore... Anyway. Of course I have considered buying a smaller laptop (or mini PC to be more precise) but that still wouldn't solve the blogging problem. Working with a laptop at my school doesn't offer any privacy. We use auditoriums and very intimate class rooms. And I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of writing down my thoughts when someone next to me or behind me can read every word. I never let anyone see my unedited text.

But this communicator on the other hand... This has a qwerty keyboard, a decent text editor and a big(ger) screen. And yet this is small so I can take this out whenever I want and write whatever I want without anyone being able to read it. And this is so discreet that I can blog during the boring lectures without the teacher noticing. One blogging problem solved.

I like the fact this communicator has patina. These things shouldn't look brand new anyway.

Every word in this post is written with a communicator (still slowly) and later edited with PC. I think this companionship could actually work. I just need to learn to use this communicator thingy actively.


  1. P.S. I am sunniefairy on ravelry! :]

  2. En ookaan ennen nähnyt tollasta. Näyttää olevan peräisin jostain 80-luvulta. :D

  3. On se nyt vähän uudempi kuitenkin :P