Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's my age again?

I visited my parents again. My godson has his birthday party and I actually took part twice. So maybe next year I can skip his birthday. They are always giving him so noisy toys, they make my head ache. Don't the toy makers think about the parents at all? Or the hearing? Anyway. The cake was decent.

I also visited my big sister who's in a hospital. She's been there over a week now. She had encephalitis but she's so much better now. And she's going to be fine, she just can't remember certain things. It's really weird actually since she seems so normal. She told us that the doctor said she might never remember again the things she had forgotten. But luckily she had only forgotten small things. She remembered us, her family, her boyfriend and all her friends, perfectly well. She remembered a lot about her life in general. But then the little things were a bit lost. For example she remembered having Facebook friends even though she couldn't remember what Facebook was. And she remembered that In Flames used to be her favorite band but when she listened to it, she couldn't recognize the songs. So she was really lucky. There was another girl in the same room with encephalitis and she couldn't even remember where she lived and she had completely forgotten her boyfriend. That's like serious memory loss.


  1. Huh olipa tosiaan onni matkassa! Oon aina ajatellut että tollaset muistinmenetykset on vaan jotain saippuasarjahuttua. Mut toihan ei ees oo hirveen harvinainen 'tauti' mikälie. :I

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