Monday, June 25, 2007

Under an adult supervision

I started to write this update earlier today but I decided to start over. I needed some prioritization.

I spent my last weekend in Viiala with Aleksi. My aunt and my uncle were there too so we had to sleep in the smallest cabin ever. And there was only one single bed! And it was cold at nights! So sleeping wasn't the most comfortable thing to do. And there was a tiny wasp nest right outside the door. I removed it gently and there was like one wasp inside. I still felt like a hero though.

One day we took a nice biking trip. It's been a long time since I biked so it was quite a big deal for me to bike for 20 kilometres. We had no destination. We just biked until we got tired and then we biked back. It was so much fun. We also played a lot of croquet which is one of my favourite outdoor games ever. I made a really difficult game field and I won! We also grilled some sausages. Love that shit.

On Sunday we went to a party because my second cousin got confirmed. It was quite boring to be in a party where most of the people are totally unfamiliar to you. But there was a killer cake. Seriously, it was like the best damn cake ever. They also served a nice selection of fizzy drinks. I was afraid that they only have like some lame tea or some bad tasting homemade red juice. That would have been a total turn off for me.

I got new jeans without shopping. I feel like a genius. I got this like 80's long-sleeved shirt with "Suomi" print. It was actually quite cool but I just didn't wore it anymore. And my sister wanted it badly. I said to her that I don't give or sell it to her, but I can trade it. So my sister gave me nice pair of jeans and I gave her the shirt.

So OK. Let's move on. I'm officially fat. I weight a lot more that I ever thought I could let myself weight again. I don't know how to deal with this. I'm so disgusted by my naked self. And Aleksi is not making this easy since he said that he likes me better when I'm a bit chunky. I don't know what my diet plan is. I just need to get this extra weight away off me.

Today I watched a movie with Hannes. And after the movie we played the very original Super Mario Bros 3. He received more phone calls during this one evening than I do in a month. Am I like so unpopular? Or is it just the fact that he's like 18 and some people go crazy whenever 18-years-old is just hanging out? Inside? Under an adult supervision? Near home?!

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