Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm back home. I spent my last week in Viiala. I didn't do anything special there. Most of the time I read books and when I wasn't reading I was shopping with my mum. And by shopping I mean that we visited several flea markets. It was quite unusual but I didn't find anything nice to buy. On one day we played croquet twice and I won both games. Awesome. I missed watching good movies.

Yesterday Aleksi surprised me with Evanescence concert. It was the first official rock concert I have ever attended. Amy Lee sang extremely well and the guys played very well too. I never thought they could rock so much on live. It's been years since I was an Evanescence fan but the concert was still very enjoyable since they played a lot of stuff from the first record too. And that was the one I used to listen to a lot. I though that My Immortal would have been he last song. I mean, can you imagine better ending than that song? But they still played one song after that.

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  1. Sinut on haastettu! Lue ohjeet blogistani :).