Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tytöt tykkää

Today Hannes said that he thinks I look a bit like Lindsay Lohan. Which was a nice compliment I have heard before. But it's not true. I have come to realize that lying is what the compliments are about. You tell a nicely wrapped lie to make somebody happy. And that's why I'm not good at giving or receiving compliments. I hate lying. So if I compliment you, you better know it is for real.

I also watched Tytöt tykkää music video for a couple of times. I was trying to find out why Teas precence is so repulsive to me. Something in her just didn't felt right. I soon realized that is it her fake appearance is what bothers me so much. She sings "mä näytän hyvältä ja tiedän etsä tiedät sen" (I look good and I know you know it too) and tries to act like she's hot. But she's not. She is like any other regular girl but they have applied this weird mask on her: the blondest hair, revealing clothes, tan, "sexy" moves... And it is not working for her at all. Anyway. The song sucks.

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