Monday, June 04, 2007


I had a very positive moment. It went away.

I always think that other people have like really high standards and then I'm very surprised when I realize that they are like dating someone really fugly for example.

I have a very high expectations what comes to myself. I expect myself to have a body of a 16 years old BOY even though I do nothing about it. It's quite hilarious how I cannot accept the fact that I have like hips. You know, hips that can give a birth to a small cow or something. I have to come to realize that normal girls actually have curves and there is nothing I can do about it. I can't really change my bone structure, can I. So why try? I fluctuate, OK?

There is this other thing I hope to change too even though I know it is impossible. I have oily/combination skin. I will always have it. First of all I should be lucky to even have skin. I should not fight against but to be happy for what I got. I got a skin that does not age so quickly. Let's remember the fact that I don't smoke, use alcohol or sun bathe. And the fact that I keep extra good care of my skin since it is a bit breakout-y. Eventually I will look more radiant and more younger than most of the people in my age. I will have less wrinkles! Hooray!

I so have to grow up.

I know that Julia probably loves my opening line.

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