Friday, March 27, 2009

No matter what you say, I know they're okay, my boobs are okay

I don't remember when my breasts started to grow, suddenly I just had them. I guess it should have been exciting, but I was mostly embarrassed. I didn't dare to ask my mother to buy me bras so I had to wear sport tops for a very long time and it wasn't cool at all. Finally my mom noticed the change and bought me my first bra and later my big sisters also started to donate their small bras to me. I never get to pick them by myself. I just wore what I had.

If I ever get a baby girl... I would take her to a proper shop when the time comes and let her choose her first bra by herself. I would make it a special occasion. Because it is a special occasion. It's about growing up and becoming a woman. I wouldn't just throw her the cheapest bra I could find like my mom did.

My current relationship with bras is quite practical. I prefer the color black because it's still black after I machine wash it. And I always machine wash because I'm lazy. Luckily I have learned quite well what kind of bras can handle it so it's not even a problem. It just narrows down the selection. I like to keep my bras simple anyway, so I usually look for bras without heavy decoration. I know the bows and stuff are supposed to be pretty and make you look sexier... but I already have a boyfriend.

My size also narrows down the selection. It just recently (that's why I'm writing this post, in case you were wondering) revealed to me that I'm not a "standard" size anymore. I was 75C before I got anorexic, in my anorexic phase I was almost 75B... but now that I'm back to the same weight as I was before, I'm suddenly 75D/E. And all the shops are full of lovely A, B and C cups, but the bigger sizes are harder to find... Especially because they have to be black and machine washable as well. And did I mentioned "affordable" already?

It's so frustrating!

I want my small boobs back!

Kids! Don't grow boobs. It causes you nothing but troubles and headache.


  1. Mm, boobs... Oikeestaan tyttöjen pitäis parisuhteissa just panostaa enemmän ulkonäköönsä, muuten pojat voi kyllästyä.

  2. No mut ei sitä alusvaatteisiin kannata panostaa, vaan siihen kuinka usein ne lähtee pois päältä :D

  3. There are these cheap little fabric bags that you can buy that are neat for washing bras. You just put the bra, or several, in the bag, zip it up, and put it in the washing machine. Keeps them from getting entangled and torn and all that. It's also convenient because you can wash the bras with other clothes and they can't get busted up.

    It's amazing what knowledge you pick up in six years of marriage. :O

    As for little flowers and stuff on underwear... Nah. I agree with Hanz in the sense that men are visual creatures, and once you've been in a relationship a long time, you've seen each other naked so many times that there aren't really many surprises left. Sexy underwear (and the definition of sexy depends on the man) really makes a difference, because sometimes seeing less is hotter than seeing more. Like a bit of a tease to get your blood pumping.

    I am always encouraging my wife to buy sexier bras, but the fact is that A, B, and C cups seem to be the standard at places like Victoria's Secret...what happened to D? Not as easy to find... And womens' underwear is so damn expensive to boot, so it makes sense to me why girls would buy bras that are comfortable rather than something their boyfriends or husbands would like to see on them (which tend to be lacier and flimsier and not really very supportive).

    Hurray for boobs!

  4. Just ton takia mäkin yritän laihduttaa että tissit pienenis. Ei isoilla mitään tee.

    Miehet heti ekana kommentoimassa. :D :D

  5. Mika: I already use a that kind of a bag, but it only protects the materials. And I'm worried about the shape of the cups; some cups go all lumpy when machine washed (mostly padded bras and those seamless T-shirt bras) :(

  6. I always thought those little bows were for the wearer...they're supposed to make the wearer feel more sexy and special. Since almost no one ever sees my underwear, except my husband, I can put on my boew bedecked bra and waltz to work feeling so sexy..."I've got a little bow on my bra! I'm sooooo HOTTT, dudes, and, HA! you don't even know why. My secret is a little pink bow on my bra!"