Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everything important happened yesterday but this post I wrote today

J.R. turned twenty one yesterday, but since he's a bit socially challenged, he didn't throw a birthday party like I did. His parents are going to visit us later in this week though, but I think J.R. invited them only because he wanted a reason to bake a big chocolate cake. Well, I can't force anyone to be more excited about birthdays and I'm definitely not excited about my own either: I'm turning twenty three this year!

So, we didn't do anything special yesterday, but I baked some cookies for my birthday boy. I used my favorite cookie recipe, but I used white and dark chocolate instead of hard sugar coated chocolate buttons. Works every time. I also gave him a birthday present. This year I gave him a tiny plastic greenhouse, herb seeds, some soil, flower bulbs, fertilizer for plants and a book about balcony gardens (we live in an apartment building so we don't have a real garden). And today he's been playing a little gardener, changing new soil and planting seeds:

J.R. said I could use his picture if his face isn't showing. Thanks!

J.R. also finished my mittens yesterday. They turned out really nice, but I guess it was no surprise since I chose the pattern by myself. I like the color and I like the way the cables stand out. I'm so glad that I lost my old mittens! And yes, I have to show off my face whenever it's possible. I blame my webcam.

my new mittens
Amoena says "Hi" and looks rather stupid.

Yesterday we also got some mail from America. Two weeks ago I sent some Finnish tea to Mika (he's a brother of my brother-in-law) and he sent some American tea for me. He wrote in his letter that he couldn't find any other loose tea from his local shops than Lipton. We wondered for a moment if Americans drink loose tea at all. We have such a wide selection here in Finland! And then we realized how silly we were. Our "local shop" is actually a really big super market so it's no wonder we have a wide selection of everything. What sense of proportion?

Our whole aparment smells like tea because of this!


  1. Happy belated birthday to J.R.!

    The smell of tea is nice, I like tea, but I'm more of a coffee person. :P

    And yes, I've heard all those bands that you mentioned before. My current favorite band is: Turisas!

    I've added you to my favorites, and I will keep visiting you. :)

  2. Nevermore: Thank you very much for your commitment :P I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my random ramblings.

    But I kinda wish there weren't autoplay music on your blog. It's such a self harm, seriously. It droves all the potential readers away :(

  3. Haha. Well, I read your posts, then you read my comments. So, it's a mutual exchange. :P

    Since you asked so nicely, I will remove the autoplay.

    Besides, I don't like it either. It's a bit annoying for me too. But, since I don't usually read my own blog, I forgot to do it. :P

  4. Hey, scary green bunny monster thanks you for your compliment!

  5. Suihku antaa kyllä tyylikkään taustan sun uusille lapasille.

  6. Elina: En kyl tiiä mistä suihkusta puhut? :D Toi verho? :D

  7. Näytti ihan siltä ku se ois ollu se suihkuverho (sentää valkonen) ja toi seinäki kiiltää ihanku kaakeli.

  8. The Americans are really bad with tea. Most restaurants (even the "better" ones) serve tea in bags only, and even then usually they have only one flavour. It's a bit surprising, really. You would think Americans were prepared for everything... but apparently they're so much a coffee nation they're not bothered with tea at all.

  9. Elina: Kyllä se silti on meidän makuuhuone. En mä yleensä kylppärissä dataa :P

    Pete: So I never travel to America... or if I do, I bring my own tea with me.

  10. Yeah, tea isn't super big here in the US (unless its a fad like green tea), and its almost exclusively in bags.

    2 Cool things:
    1) Celestial Seasonings, the tea in your picture, is actually made about 20 minutes from my home here in Colorado. (And I've never toured it. Shame on me.)
    2) There is a Teahouse in a nearby city (Boulder) that was hand painted by artisans in Tajikistan (?) and assembled here ... they have loose leaf tea, and boy is it yummy!!

    - Cesia.