Sunday, March 01, 2009

Light in the darkness

The hunt is finally over! We have a new ceiling light for our living room now. Our old lamp (luckily we didn't really like it) stopped functioning and because we didn't want to live in darkness, we got a temporary lamp. It was a very nice lamp too, but it didn't give us enough light. So for months we have been hunting for a new lamp. We didn't even know what kind of a lamp we were looking for, we just thought we would just know when we see it.

And we knew when we saw it. But it was close that we didn't. We were going to Varusteleka to buy my mother a gas mask but there was a flea market nearby too. It was late so we thought it might be closed but we decided to check it anyway. The closing time was precisely 6pm and it was only few minutes of six. I said we shouldn't go in since it was about to close, but J.R. convinced me that it wouldn't matter. A man greeted us when we stepped in, and said that we would have 15 minutes to look around. But we only needed a minute. There it was, the lamp that we both loved instantly. And it was so close we missed it.

It's old. It gives us light. And troubles. I had to ask Hannes (he's like our electrician guy) to fix it for us because two of the lights didn't work. They all worked fine... until I tried to take a better picture of it. I hope it's just the bulb this time.

Another nice object that we got recently, is our new clock. My sister wanted to get rid of it. She and my mother think it's hideous, but we like it.

I think our living room is starting to look really nice. It's messy but it just makes it cozy. And I like how it reflects our personalities. You can easily tell what we are into simply by looking at our interior decorating.


  1. Lamppu on kiva. Mut jotkut vanhathan saattaa polttaa polttimoita loppuun hetkessä. Jostain syystä.

  2. I like the clock. I think it looks really cool.

  3. "We were going to Varusteleka to buy my mother a gas mask..." Priceless. I have two like the one you bought and the one is a child's size and it also came in an adorable purse! Which is maybe why you were buying it for your mom? Hopefully she doesn't need it!(Because it's a child size gas mask, it's bag was more purse-like and less schoolbag-like.)

    I agree with you about the home decorating thing. My home will never look like a page out of a magazine, but it's mine and I built it with my husband from the things that we think are cool. It really reflects our likes, which brings us back to the gas masks, since my husband views them as objects d' art.

  4. Ok, this time it's not an award, but something fun and stupid for you to do:

  5. Lola: When my mother heard that I got a gas mask, she said that she wants one too. She likes weird objects too. She hangs them in the wall of their sauna. My siblings thinks she's crazy but I actually understand her :P