Thursday, April 02, 2009

Magic Tea by Tefal

We decided for like ages ago that we need a new teamaker. Our old one was working perfectly fine but it had started to look disgusting. You had to wash it very thoroughly after every use, and still it was somewhat gross. But when we decided to get one, we simply couldn't find one. We searched through all the local shops (don't get fooled, we live right next to a very big shopping mall) but there was no sign of a tea maker. Only tea maker we could find was from a Finnish online store, but they had some serious delivery problems and the waiting time would have been insane.

Yesterday I was out of work while J.R. was cooking a dinner for us. Usually I wash the dishes while he cooks or question him about a book he needs to study for entrance examination. But yesterday I didn't had any dishes to wash and I only had few questions to ask, so I was quickly out of work. I took a random advert that was nearby and started to read it. And there it was. Our new tea maker. Whatever problem they had, it's solved. The "Magic Tea" tea maker by Tefal is available again!

Tea time every day.

It's even better than our old tea maker. This one is cordless and it has on/off buttons. It doesn't keep the tea warm forever like our old one did, but I guess you have give up something to get something better. And I bet most of the people don't forget that they've made tea... Anyway. If you like tea, like seriously, go get your own. It's a "must have". We bought ours from Anttila, but you can try other retailers too, such as KodinYkkönen, Citymarket, Sokos and ONOFF. (And no, I was not paid to write that.) If you're cheap, though, you can visit us and take our old tea maker. You can have it for free.


  1. Magic Tea on kyllä unelma. :)

  2. Milloin saa tulla maistamaan?

  3. Hanz: Kamut saa tulla koska tahansa. Tosin sun tapauksessa pitää vissiin lisätä ehto, että tuot sen kirjan mukanas :D

  4. Mä tykkään perinteisestä teepannusta. Otan tokan kupin vasta n. puolen tunnin päästä ja se tee pysyy hyvin kuumana siin levyllä. Eikä mua ees haittaa et se pannu on ehkä aika likasen näkönen. Smuts är bra vai mites se menikää. :P

  5. Hello from Australia :) I was looking for reviews on magic tea maker and found your blog. Taking your advise I bought my first tea maker and LOVE it! Have a great day, Im off to drink some Perfectly brewed peach & green tea. Thanks :)