Sunday, March 22, 2009

Project update

Now it's official! I have knitted my first pair of socks. I made J.R. to wear my white tights so I could get a nice picture of them. He does basically anything for me if I just ask, cross-dressing and everything. Though I guess he didn't expect me to blog about it. But on the other hand, he's dating a blogger... what else could he expect? I'm blogging it all because without him my life would be way too boring to blog about.

And I've been working on my fawn too! I finally found some wire for the legs so it should be finished soon. The legs are just really boring to crochet and to sew in. And I'm not exactly happy with the outcome either, but at least it's something different. And it looks kinda cute... still.

I bet you haven't seen a fawn with eight spider legs yet?

By the way, our living room floor looks always like a mess after my serious crafting projects. I can't help it... I'm so good at creating all kind of mess and chaos. But I blame the bloody tables! They're always too small! I demand bigger tables! Who's with me?

J.R. is showing off his lovely legs again.

There is still one final picture I want to show to you... Remember how I gave a plastic green room and some herb seeds to J.R. as a birthday gift? Some of the seeds have already sprouted! It's supposed to be rocket but J.R. is a bit skeptical and thinks it's just some random weeds.

Looks like the spring is coming...


  1. the socks look great! You are so lucky you have a boyfriend who will do that. It's terrible trying to get a good photo of socks that you are wearing.

  2. Suosittelen muuten auringonkukkia. Helppoja ja näyttäviä. Siis sellasia mitkä kasvaa metrin kokoisiksi. Ja syksyllä saa linnuille ruokaa.