Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thanks, mum!

I don't usually get anything nice via mail, I only get bills and real life spam. But today I received a thick letter! First I thought it was from Mika (we are doing tea exchange), but then I realized how silly I was. The post is pretty fast nowadays (compared to smoke signals) but I believe it's still impossible to send stuff from America to here just over one night. I checked the sender and it was from my mom. I opened the envelope and I found this scarf:

my new scarf
I'm so happy that I have a halo?

My mother knows I love scarves so if she founds nice ones from the flea markets she visits regularly, she gets them for me. But this is a first time she sends them to me via mail. I guess she thought that because I just visited them, I'm not going to visit them anytime soon and she wanted to give the scarf to me sooner.

I wear scarves on a daily basis, I feel almost naked without. I just need to have something wrapped around my neck. And I like how they add color to my otherwise boring wardrobe. I think this new scarf is quite pretty. The fabric is a lot thinner than in my other scarves so it's perfect for the summer days too (it's never too hot to wear a nice scarf). I like the pattern too. It has colors but it's not too bold. And it's not just flowers, there are butterflies too. A perfect addition to my scarf collection.


  1. Hi Amoena -- I enjoyed reading your blog, especially the story about the shower. Thank you for your nice comments about my blog. I appreciate your input. It's so amazing to think you're in Finland, reading my blog.

  2. Oot tosi enkelimäinen tossa kuvassa. :P

  3. Hullu/Elina: Enkelimäiseltä... ja ehkä vähän höhlältä :D Mut just tossa kuvassa toi huivin kuvio näkyi parhaiten :P

    Suzanne: Finnish people are into knitting (really, there are some crazy statistics how much yarn we buy in a year... and we need so much yarn that it's sold in pretty much every grocery store along other knitting equipments) and we understand English very very very well. So I guess you can expect even more Finnish visitors in the future :P