Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Break @ Viiala

I decided to have a little winter break while J.R. is working at Assembly, so I'm visiting my parents at Viiala. We arrived here together yesterday, but today morning J.R. continued his journey to Tampere where the event is held. I went with him though, because I was going to meet Elina, who also lives in Tampere.

And it was very nice to meet Elina! Last time I saw her was on last summer, when she spent few days at my place. She had some conference thingy at Helsinki. Anyway. Her apartment is still one of the most coziest I have ever been and I really enjoyed sitting on her old armchair. Of course it was also very enjoyable to chat with her. I didn't take any photos, which I regret now. It would have nicer to post this thing with pictures. Maybe next time. Hmm... I guess she liked the legwarmers I made her.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet another friend who lives in Tampere. I'm excited to meet him too, since he's one of my oldest online friends and I don't get to see him often. I'm going to spend some time with him and later we are going to crash Assembly, because J.R. is getting us in for free. And then I'm going to snatch J.R. to myself and go back to Viiala with him.

And now I'm going to spend some quality time alone, smoking cigarettes and listening to Lenka. And reading some old Glamour magazines that Elina gave me!


  1. On ne säärystimet mukavan lämpimät. :)

    Varoituksen sana: oon aika kipeenä (miks muuten kirjottasin tätä ennen kuutta aamulla), en voi taata etten lahjoittanu pöpöä sullekin.

  2. Any chance you could take pictures with your phone when you're in Tampere, and post them? I miss Tampere so much...

  3. Elina: En mä usko, kun mä en edes koskenut sun luona muuhun kun sun nojatuoliin, ja tuskin sä oot sen päälle hirveästi aivastallut :P Todennäköisyys on imo aika pieni.

    Miksu: I always take pictures if I see something worth photographing. Lets just hope that I see something interesting :)