Sunday, February 01, 2009

Amoena is nursing

My baby's sick. He's more sick than I have ever been. It started on Thursday when he had a little fever. On Friday he had a little higher fever. Yesterday he had 39-40°C through the day... Today he was a little better at first but now he's having a very high temperature again. I made him to take some meds before going to sleep. I hope that he will now get a good night sleep. And that I don't have to wake up once in a hour. Just to make sure that he's still breathing.

J.R. been feeling sorry because he thinks he ruined the weekend by being ill. He's silly. Of course I care more about his health than knitting, crocheting, drinking tea and other stuff we usually do on weekends. It's more important to get him better. We can have plenty of nice weekends later, but not if he's dead or something. He could be a more demanding patient though. I have gotten a bit bored. He should ask me to bring him water. Like once in every 15 minutes. That would keep me busy.


  1. oh! Tell him I hope he gets better. My little brother is running a fever, too.

  2. He's started to feel a bit better... but now I'm getting sick instead :(

  3. (Tossa uusimmassa oli niin hieno keskustelu etten halua pilata sitä. :P)

    Yritit vissiin taas kommentoida. En tajua miksei se onnistu, koska sen jälkeen kun viimeksi onnistuit saamaan läpi, en oo muuttanut yhtään mitään asetuksissa! O.o Ja kommentit on sentään tosi olennainen asia blogeissa. :(

  4. NO JOO! Arvaa meneenkö hermot kun mun kommentteja ei ikinä hyväksytä! Ne on niin fiksujakin aina!