Monday, February 23, 2009

End of the winter break report

It feels so good to be home again. It was frigging cold in Viiala. And I don't mean it was cold in the outside, it was cold in the inside too. My parents live in an old house and they don't have electric heating. They're used to it, but I'm always freezing when I'm visiting them during winter time.

So... Onward with this winter break report.

On Friday I met J.J. I know he doesn't like to be blogged about (I don't know why he's so concerned. He doesn't even read my blog!) so I'm keeping this story short. He's still talented. He played some beautiful pieces to me with his new digital piano, even though he can't even read sheet notes. He just memorizes everything. He also played some acoustic guitar and showed new knife tricks. Yes. He has skills and he's not afraid to show them off.

I also visited Assembly Winter 2009 quickly with J.J. I knew there wouldn't be much to see, but a free entrance is always a free entrance. I was surprised to see how young the gamers were. I certainly didn't play MMORPGs when I was a kid, because I didn't even have a computer! Not to mention broadband. At that age I read books. And wrote poems. By hand! And we didn't had shower or hot water in Viiala. The kids are so spoiled and pampered nowadays!

On Saturday I just slacked with J.R. We read Glamour magazines together (Hannes, no comments here, please) and ate pretty much everything eatable. Free food is so irresistible. My mother also dyed my hair, so now my roots are blond again. Hooray!

On Sunday I had to study for my "Data Networks at Work" exam and J.R. had to work again. But we had little time to visit my brother-in-law's birthday party. He turned 29. He collects Lego sets and my sister collects everything with the Moomins on. My mother collects My Little Ponies. And I would collect Pez candy machines if only I had time... It seems that my family loves toys. Anyway. They had cake.

So... I had a pretty awesome winter break. Thanks to J.R, Elina and J.J. for making it happen!


  1. Olit vissiin tosi likanen lapsi. :D

  2. Joo. Ihmisethän ei peseydy muuten kuin suihkussa. Ennen suihkuja ihmiset ei peseytynyt ollenkaan!! :D:D