Thursday, June 19, 2008

I almost got killed by a mink. So fuck lung cancer.

Every member of my family smokes. They just don't know that sometimes I smoke too. I know that my parents wouldn't be mad at me and that they wouldn't even lecture me. I'm not sure if they even cared really. But it would totally ruin my reputation: I'm the good girl here, the white sheep, the one who does everything right. And I really like keep things this way. Though my brother-in-law probably knows because he reads my blog. Or at least I think he does. Anyway. If he knows then he could sometimes offer me a smoke. That would be nice.

I know it's quite weird that I keep on blogging about my lame occasional smoking habit but I just like smoking so much. And I consider myself lucky that I'm not addicted to it. That would be really nasty. I like smoking mostly because it makes me feel good. But I also like it because it makes me feel a bit rebellious. Like I said, I've always been the good girl. I don't drink and I don't even swear (I swear only when I'm writing because writing lacks facial expressions). I'm old enough to smoke legally but I still feel guilty while doing it. I guess it has a lot to do with Hannes. He's strictly against smoking and he's the one giving me the lectures. He makes me feel that smoking, no matter how rarely it's done, is definitely the most horrible thing in the world.

But there is actually a real reason why I'm blogging about this...

I'm in Viiala visiting my parents. And since my family doesn't know that I smoke, and I really wanted to smoke, I said to my parents that I'm going for a walk. So I could smoke in privacy. There is a nice little lake nearby so I went there and sat on the dock to enjoy my smoke and the lovely view:

Smoking can harm you but more likely it just makes you look really dumb.

And I saw a mink! And it was quite scary actually. I had already finished my smoke when I heard some noises behind me. I turn to see what's making them. And I see this brown thing that looks like a cat. Then I realize that it's not a cat. It's a mink. I go closer to take a picture and I expect it to scare away. But it doesn't. And I get closer and closer and then it starts to hiss! And I realize that it's blocking my way out. It's too close to the dock and it looks like it could actually attack me! I walk back to the end of the dock and jump up and down to make some noise but it won't scare way. But then after a while it just swims away and I'm free to walk back home. Hooray!

Unfortunately my camera phone really takes crappy pictures so I didn't manage to get a decent picture of my mink. But I'm posting one anyway:

Click to enlarge. It's the brown thing in the middle!


  1. Voi mikä pikku pirpana! :D

    Et kyl näytä tossa kuvassa hirveen katuvalta. :D

    Mut hyvä Hannes! Ehkä luennot menee vielä joskus perille!

  2. Tommosilla pikkasillakin pirpanoilla on hampaat :S