Friday, June 20, 2008

History repeating

Today my niece kept asking me questions about ex. She's old enough to realize that he's gone but not old enough to really understand why. How do you explain your break up to a kid? Do you even have to?

She asked things like why don't we live together anymore and where does he live now. Of course I knew she would ask something eventually but I didn't understood how hard it could be to answer her. And I didn't answer her at all and my brother-in-law said to her that these things are for grown-ups.

I wish I could have offered her some answers. My ex was part of her life and in a way I took him away from her. It reminds me of how my other sister broke up with her boyfriend when I was a kid. I was devastated. And I did the very same to her, expect she's younger than I was so hopefully she won't be as bitter as I was.I still miss my sister's ex sometimes, he was like the brother I never had.

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