Thursday, August 09, 2007

Two of Us

I was going to blog on Monday and again on Wednesday. Actually, I wrote something yesterday but it was so bad that I decided not to post it. I do have a nice collection of drafts by the way. If I write more than one line I usually save them anyway.

I have started to read books again. The only reason for this is that I found a section of English literature from my library. I have been there before but only little while ago I realized that I can actually borrow all those cool books and take them home and read them too. I find reading books in English somehow more rewarding than reading Finnish books. I'm not just reading a book, I'm actually learning a language. Well... It has been years since I used dictionary while reading a book but I guess I'm still learning some grammar, right?

Anyway. I read this book called "Two of Us" by Brendan Halpin. It's one those quite short novels you read within a few hours. I don't normally borrow books which have less than 300 pages but this book seemed so cool I just had to borrow it. And what made it so cool then? I'm always into books that use modern ways to tell a story. This book was a mix of regular diary, e-mails, IM's, text messages and minidisc recordings. It may sound like a complicated mixture but the story was very easy to follow.

The main character in this novel is a 14 years old Rosalind. Her both lesbian moms had just died in a car accident and she finds herself living with Sean, the sperm donor, whom she doesn't really know. She is grieving and gets in to all kind of trouble, but Sean struggles as well with his new-found fatherhood. Even though these themes are quite dark it still manages to be one of the most hilarious books I've read in a while.

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