Friday, August 24, 2007

After Viiala Update

I got two subscribers on Blogilista. My blog is on fire!

I'm back from Viiala and I have some exciting news to tell you: I got my bike here and I'm going to bike to school every day unless it rains. It's like 14 kilometres per day. I know it's going to be really hard in the beginning because I'm definitely NOT in the shape of my life. I have also put on a few pounds. Not much but it shows. I'm really concerned actually, but I guess that when the school starts all that extra weight just melts away. When I'm at school I don't eat so much plus the biking.

My school starts at Monday. I'm not excited about that. During the summer I realized that I would really love to study web design instead of this current oral shit. But I stick to my plans since I also know that there are plenty of geeks out there but not so many dental hygienists. It's definitely a safer choice. And I can study my geek stuff later.

When I got to Viiala I learned that my mother had bought me some shirts. One of them was bright green and it said "2hot2handle". She does not speak English and she does not understand that I only wear dark colours. I turned that piece down. But she also got me two black t-shirts. One of them said "got style!". I got no style so if I'm ever wearing it the message will be mostly ironic. So after all I'm perfectly ready for school (I was going to buy some clothes before it starts).

I'll probably post something more interesting tomorrow. And maybe some pictures too!

EDIT: Now I only got one subscriber. She/he probably found this post so dull that she/he unsubscribed. Shame on you!

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