Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our new pet

More exciting news! We got a new mouse. Our old one didn't work properly anymore so we decided quite ex tempore to buy a new one. We went to Prisma because all the other shops were closed. The mouse selection there was narrow but we found one which was cheap (20 euros) and looked totally decent. This is how our new pet looks like:

I was surprised that you can get such a quality with just 20 euros. With this Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 by Microsoft you can magnify stuff with just one click (very handy) and scroll in all four directions. It's ergonomic and very comfortable in hand. And oh the silence when you scroll! I'm so happy we upgraded.

I got a use for our old mouse too. I'm going to give it to my dad. He has a mouse indeed but his mouse doesn't even have the scroll thingy in the middle. And I know that our old mouse works enough well for him... but I'm not sure if he knows how to use the scroll.

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