Monday, August 27, 2007

First day of school

My school started today. I woke up 7.35 which was a bit too early but I wanted to have some extra time to recreate my old routines. I was ready to leave (too early though) to school when the doorbell rang. There was this man who was going to fix everything that might need a fix in our apartment. In ten minutes I found out that he had 21 year old daughter who still lives home and a son who is in vocational school. And that he has worked for Fortum and he's actually carpenter. And when I left he told Aleksi that his wife has dumped him and that he's a bit down because of that! But our freezer now has grip and our ventilation window works as it should. But it's still weird that somebody you meet for the first time tells you his whole life history.

Anyway. School was a bore. But it was so much fun to bike there. Biking saves time and gives me more freedom. I can leave anytime I want. It was nice to meet Julia and SK. When I told SK that I biked to school she said as I expected someone to say sooner or later: "but you live in Espoo!?". I indeed live in Espoo but it's still only 7 kilometres.We got a new teacher. She's like three years old but I'm not going to be mean. I just don't feel that she's qualified. She teaches for the first time and she seemed a bit lost.

PS: We watched a super cool movie yesterday but I review it later. I have this very weird one post per day policy.

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