Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playing Truant at School

I'm at school. Julia is sick so I have nothing to do at the clinic. So basically I'm just hanging here. I know that what I'm doing is pretty much same as playing truant... but at least I'm at school and nobody probably notices that I'm not actually where I'm supposed to be.

Even though I said this is not going to be my dream journal... But I just had the most longest and detailed dream ever. It was so full of events that when I finally woke up I didn't felt rested at all. I'm my dream I was in some boarding school for oral hygienists. I had Julia and some other girls I like as roommates. Julia was sick as she is sick in the real life too. I was bored and I decided to skip the clinic. So instead of studying I bonded with some other students. And then some practical jokes turned into crimes. It was very bizarre and dream-a-like but still so very real to me.

I had my second patient ever yesterday. I totally didn't blew it up this time. It made me really happy. I don't normally do things right at school. I don't know enough or I don't know how to do something. But yesterday I didn't felt that way at all. I guess I'm growing as a dental hygienists. Yesterday we received some free samples again: one toothbrush and nine mini toothpastes.

It's quite strange that I never really write here what my life is really about. My life is full of movies, CSS and infinity of blogs but I very rarely even mention them.

There may be some major misspellings in this post since Blogger wants to speak Finnish when I'm at school. I check this as soon as I get home.

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