Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Going To Blow It Up Anyway.

Today I woke up early to study. I was supposed to have an exam at 4pm. I read though all my notes and wrote some new ones too. I was early at the school so were all the other 150 students. There we sat on the auditorium. It was 4.05pm. I got a bit angry since I was so ready to answer some questions. Then it was 4.15pm. People started to ask questions. We started to hear rumours. 4.20pm we were pretty sure that there is no exam. And 4.30pm we left the building. This is something that can only happen in Stadia. All those people were there early, they were prepared. We were all waiting for just one person to come. But I feel quite happy that this turned this way. I have more time to study.

Today is the day of Eurovision semifinal. I'm not as excited as Julia. I'm only curious to see if we make total ass out of ourselves. According what I have heard I believe we are not. I was quite thrilled when Finland won last year, but it's so old news and I'm quite boring the whole hosting thing. My favourite country this year is Georgia.

I'm going to watch the semifinal or at least most of it. The problem is that it ends 1am and I have to woke up 5.15am... And I'm going to have my very first patient tomorrow! So it 's a big day for me. But I guess I'm going to blow it up anyway.

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