Monday, May 07, 2007

More Dreams

Don't worry I'm not going to turn this to my dream diary. But I just had the most bizarre dream. And the most bizarre thing is that I have seen dreams like this for years. In my dream I was hanging out with my second cousin. She's like 14 or something and normally we are not friends or even seeing each other so very often. Anyway. When I was with this girl I suddenly met a group of people that used to bully me when I was a child. One boy, a some kind of leader, asked for my forgiveness. He said to me that is time for me to give up of my hate and for us to be friends again. I said "never" but eventually I changed my mind. And it was as I never was anything else but their close friend. And they were genuinely sorry for pushing me so far back then.

But in the reality: They wouldn't apologize. And I wouldn't forgive. I will never forget who are responsible for ruining my childhood.

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