Friday, November 03, 2006

New Phone

Yesterday my phone decided not to work at all. It was quite funny actually. First the light didn't want to turn off. Then it tilted. And then it decided to turn off itself about in every five minutes. But it probably just wanted to say to me: "go get that new phone your parents promised you months ago".

So I went to and bought a new one. I decided not to take that L'Amour phone I earlier talked about, because this other phone has so much better features including the killer camera. The colour is "frosted pink" and the model is 6111.

It looks like a camera when closed.

I already recorded a new ring tone. It is my favourite quote from "Legally Blonde". I love this phone because it is so possible to customize. I can make my own ring tones, message tones, wall papers, screen savers... How cool is that?

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