Thursday, November 30, 2006

Claiming Somebody Anorexic Is Rude

It's no surprise that I read a lot of blogs. Every now and then I find some blogs that are about loosing weight. And almost every time I also find a comment which says something like "you're anorexic, you're going to have an eating disorder". It really bothers me. I have had that kind of comment too.

I overheard this conversation at school:

- I'm so hungry, I'm going to grab something to eat from the cafeteria
- I'm hungry too but I'm trying to loose few kilograms
- You're are what? Why? What are you thinking?
- I'm going to a vacation and I want to look good on bikini!
- It's still stupid!

It's like if you're in a normal weight and you want to loose some, you automatically get eating disorder and die anorexic. Who said that only truly fat people can loose weight? It sounds a bit unfair to me.

I have never had BMI over 21. So in that point of view I have always been "enough heavy" for my height. But still I have always wanted to loose some weight. Ever since I was like 12 and realized that I could be thinner. But back then I had no clue how to drop weight and I pretty much did nothing about it, and nowadays I'm so happy that I didn't. I wouldn't known how to do it healthy.

But now I'm dieting and I'm not anorexic. I'm not sick. I love to eat and I do eat. And I will not feel guilty about the fact that I have no medical reason to loose weight. It's just something I want to do and since I'm old enough to take care of myself, why wouldn't I make my dream come true?

First I lost eight kilograms. Then I gained a few and now I have lost them again. And I love the process. Especially now when I take it far more serious than before. And by "serious" I mean that I'm counting calories. I really like to keep my food diary. I also mark down my weights: I weight myself on every Friday to see how I have progressed during the week and on every Monday to see what kind of harm did the weekend do. It's quite good system. Those are the days I also eat a bit more than normally.

And what do I eat then? I eat pretty much basic stuff. I love bread with diet coke. I like everything with diet coke in a matter or fact. I love fat-free sugar-free yoghurt. I love my all-bran cereals. I like apples. I don't eat actual meals so often, but that is more financial issue. I don't eat much, but I'm definitely not starving myself. I also eat multivitamin tablets to make sure that I get all the important vitamins and minerals every day.

There are people who are sick even though they're not all skin and bones. And there are skinny people who just happen to be that way. And I think that claiming somebody anorexic is actually quite rude. Let's just focus on fat people.

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  1. I totally agree!
    I've never had a bmi over 20, I'm tall and I've always been considered to be 'slim'... But then I realised I could be thinner, so I started dieting, like you just beeing watchful at first, lost some, gained some, but now more seriously, I keep a food diary, I know every calorie and I just started a blog about my mental battle with food.
    Am I anorexic? Fuck no.
    I eat bread, loads of bread, I eat chicken and well... I eat! Just not more than 1400 calories a day.

    My friends have begun to call me anorexic, I'm not sure if it's jealousy over my weight loss, it can't be real concern as we eat meals together!
    Why do people like to focus on thin people? What happened to obesity? You know, the epedemic.