Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some Weight Issues

I have gained weight. A lot of weight actually. I don't know how it happened and why it happened so fast. Next thing I knew was that I was like couple kilograms heavier. I know it's not so big deal after all. Just a few kilograms. But I'm afraid there will be more kilograms coming and soon I will be exactly where I started. I worked so hard during the spring to get my weight where I wanted it to be, so I'm really disappointed to myself that I let this happen.

So I'm dieting again. This time I'm even more serious than ever. I'm even keeping a food diary (about 900 calories so far). Today I noticed that is really uncomfortable to eat home made food because it was quite difficult to tell how many calories it had. I can only make a rough guess about how much chicken and rice did I ate. I'm so dreaming about kitchen scales.

I also went to "shopping" today because I was bored and I wanted some light exercising too. Since it is autumn and very rainy and cold I don't feel like going out. So I circled around Sello, which is quite huge mall nearby. I actually bought something: Avocado & Oatmeal Purifying Clay Masque. It was on sale. I'm really into masks and I have quite many of them. Most of them are by Freeman.

By the way I'm really disappointed to Smak's newest album. Only "Nukahdan" sounds fine so far.

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  1. (Eating disorders are not a funny thing though.)

    No, kiitos "rakentavasta" kritiikistäsi (?). Toivottavasti muutaman kuukauden päästä olen tarpeeksi tietäväinen muodista.