Monday, November 13, 2006

New Template Vol. 2

As you can see, I have a new template again. I'm pretty sure this one is going to last more than a day. Yesterday I made another template, but that was way too colorful for me. I like this. It looks simple and clean, and that is the way I like most.

The girl in the background picture is obviously Lindsay Lohan. I have this thing with her. I almost love her, not in a lesbian way, but I'm just obsessed about her. Call me crazy, but deep down in my heart I know that she changed my life. She's just so great. Anyway. I have developed with CSS today. It's the best thing, to learn something new. I know that I'm probably never going to master it as the way I wish, but at least I'm trying to study it. And the most fun part is, there is no books where to study. Only some Internet tutorials. It's so much fun to learn yourself. It gives you that feeling of success.

But it somehow suck that I don't have enough blogs. I can only have one template at time (I don't dare to touch my LL-blog yet). I would like to design more and more and more. It makes me feel so good. Do you need a template? Do you?

Julia, my friend from school, complained today that I don't write as often as she hopes. In other words, it's been a while since I updated properly. I'm going to fix it now since I still have some time before Desperate Housewives.

School. It's not so very great subject but I'm going to talk about it. Today we had to go to clinic. If you don't know, I'm studying to be a dental hygienist, and part of our Studies happen in a clinic. Normally we have to sit and just stare what the older student might do. It's really boring because it can last for hours. But today I have to stare only for 60 minutes and then I was free. And staying that way can be a hard job to do. I mean, even though you don't do anything, you should look like you're in a hurry. If a teachers see you and you have nothing to do, they will make you do something. It's horrible. But today I managed to be free from 9am to 11am. It's my record.

On Saturday I went to my aunt with Aleksi. There was a another girl too. She was half Norwegian. She laughs really loud. Anyway. My aunt cooked as a huge dinner and I ate a lot since it's was all free. As a "poor" student free food is a great thing. After that dinner we went to movies to watch Marie Antoinette. My aunt gave us the tickets. I really liked the movie, and I didn't find it as boring as the critics. I think it was really amusing after all. And it inspired me to created Marie Antoinette themed template, even though I never actually used it. At the movies we also ate my favorite Lumipantteri sweets which I pretty much love.

So I ate a lot. And I gained like 500 grams during the weekend, which depresses me a bit, but I'm so working on it. I know that this low-calorie diet is not actually so healthy, but it works. Pilates and jogging was a lot of fun, but I need to see some results soon. I'm going to start pilates again when I have lost few kilograms more. Maybe. I'm not sure yet since this winter thing has slowed me down. I seem to be quite lazy, and it has nothing to do with my energy lever. I have a lot of energy but I don't feel like doing anything.

We have a Nintendo nowadays. That old retro thing, not the 64 version. We also have lot's of games already, but unfortunately we don't have that thingy that goes from Nintendo to TV. We are going to get it soon anyway. I got a history with Nintendo games. My family didn't actually have a real Nintendo, but we had this "Family Game" version that worked with Nintendo games too. And I loved, loved, loved to play Super Mario with my mother. And since Aleksi has totally missed the whole Nintendo thing (how come I'm not? I wasn't even born when the first Nintendo came out) we decided to get one. It's so cool.

So, Julia, was this enough for you?

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  1. Kiva juttu, mutta aika pitkäksi meni... Jos ihan oman mielipiteeni vaan saan ilmaista niin näin pitkiä juttuja ei aina jaksa lukea :D