Wednesday, November 15, 2006

About Finnish Fashion Blogs

Keeping a fashion blog seems to me the new trend here. There has been fashion related blogs forever, but these blogs that I'm talking about are Finnish and made by quite young girls. In my opinion nobody under 20 can't really understand fashion. I know I'm not right, but it seems like it. Anyway. First there was a one blog which quickly came quite famous via Then there was like couple more and now they are increasing all the time.

There are few reasons why these fashion blogs bother me. First reason is that some of the writers seem to be incapable to write Finnish language proberly. I could give some horrible examples but I don't want to be rude. The second reason is that every single one of those blogs seem to be copying some more popular blogs; They all have the same template, style to write and subjects to write about. It is really boring. And the third one, they don't update often enough.

So I could give a few advice if you are planning to start your own fashion blog in Finnish.

1. Don't! Read those that already exists.
2. If you really have to, update at least twice a week.
3. Don't copy other blogs. Do something that is completely unique and don't try to be so haute couture all the time.
4. Do pictures instead of links to pictures. Think about your readers.
5. Make your blog look like you. Make your own template.
6. Sign up to a Blogpatrol or Google Analytics or such to see if your work is really worth it.
7. Be committed!!!

And finally, here are some fashion blogs I have been bumped into lately:

This actually have some potential since it was one of the first blogs and it's not terribly bad. Better language will do the trick. I tend to avoid blogs with ready-to-use blogger templates so I hope that she will make a personal template soon.

The name of the blog is quite boring and it feels like it is copying the title above. I thought this was copying everything else too, but this is actually more interesting since it's much more personal and down-to-earth. It could update more often though. Template is quite boring but at least it's a bit "pimped".

Hopeisia Helmiä
I don't have any special opinion about this one. It seems to be quite lame, but it has more personal point of view. I appreciate that.
Same boring template again. Stop using it. Anyway. This doesn't seem to be updated anymore.

Real Diamonds
In my opinion this is copying Turhamaisuutta too much. Don't try to tell me it's a coincidence. If she finds even more personal way to write and maybe a more personal template... and uses links little less. I still think that this one got some potential too.

This was not meant to be a review. It just happened.


  1. Moikka. :D Päätin tulla katsomaan blogiasi ja huomasin omani mainittaneen täällä. :D Nimeä olikin vaikea keksiä ja siksi siitä tulikin tylsä. :D Yritän nyt päivitellä useammin. :) Kiitos kritiikistä. :'D

  2. Juu, siis en mä millään pahalla sitä juttua ottanut vaan siis ihan kehittämismielessä. :D
    Ja sitten, kiitos mainonnasta. :) :D

  3. Heihei ;) kappas arvostelit minunkin blogini jutussas, kiinnostava ja hyvä postaus. Yritän kehitellä Turhamaisuutta koko ajan ja oppia virheistäni yms., mutta olenhan mä toisaalta vaan tällainen ei-muotia-tajuava 15-vuotias ;) heh. Parempi jotain kun ei mitään mun mielestä :D Enhän minä ketään pakota mun juttuja lukemaan, haha... Blogis & tapasi kirjoittaa on kiva. Way to go girl!

  4. I just run into your blog and to this article and i loved your point of view straigh away =) It's so true, that some of bloggers try to make some HIGH fashion looks, create great, stylish and bohemian outfits.. which don't fit them that well. but It seems like they have no fantasy, own opinion or taste, they just copy each other.

    Style is so personal. it's something what stays in harmony with your life, your past and future, your inner world...

    I adore scandinavian style and LOVE love love some finnish fashion blogs...

    but sometimes I find it quite interesting when I look at finnish fashionistas online wearing perfect outfits with high heels.... i feel so inspired and so on.. BUT i never seen those perfect looks outside =( IN stores, in conerts, in wood, where they take pics... where are they? or is it just to pose for the blog and then they take they clothes off and put on something simple and boring?

    Maybe it's my problem, but in Helsinki i see FIORELLA more than MInna Parikka :(

    am i way too strict? :)