Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Point

Blogging is just something I do. And I have blogged ever since I got my first own computer and that was about five years ago. So I blogged before it was even cool or fashionable. These two blogs I have here in Blogger are quite fresh meat, but I had also have some blogs for years.

When I didn't have own computer (now I have pretty much two) I used to write old fashioned Dear Diary. But just how lame is that? To write something only you can read. This blogging thing is just so much more interesting. First of all, somebody else reads this shit too, I know that for sure since I use Google analytics. And sometimes, believe it or not, I even got comments!

As there are people who don't understand online living, there are also people who don't understand blogging. "What's the point?" What is the point!? The point is that you can freely express yourself in this World Wide Web. Isn't that pretty much what everybody wants: an audience. Don't we all want to write a bestseller, act in a box-office movie, sing a #1 song or whatever. This is an alternative way of being famous: I can be heard even though I'm nobody.

Somebody over the sea can read what I write and feel connected.

Isn't that just amazing? Isn't that just enough to be the point?


  1. Okei sori että häititsen kokoajan tyhmäillä kysymyksilläni, mutta miten vielä saan sen Google analyticsin? :) Tyhmä minä...

  2. ok :D tajusin mä jotenkin. kiitos vaivannäöstä :)