Friday, December 08, 2006


I woke up early after three to four hours of sleep. I was really tired, but I had to go to school because I had an exam. It was about laws, with is really weird since I'm not in a law school. So basically it was just bullshit. Anyway. I passed the exam so I have nothing to worry about.

Then we had this group exam. I'm not into team working, I have never been. I would like to do everything in my way, but in a group you have to listen to others too. I really tried to focus on but it was so boring and I was so tired that I barely did anything. I'm so sure that somebody is going to reveal to the teacher how little I did. But honestly, I don't give a damn. School sucks anyway (angst angst).

After school I slept for few hours. And then I went to shopping. I bought one Christmas present. Now I have bought almost all of them. Except the most important ones. I would like to give something really nice to Julia, because she is the only reason why school is bearable. And I would like to give something cool to Aleksi, since I love him so much. I just have to figure out what those could be.

There is this guy who lives above us. He plays cello a lot. I can hear it. Anyway. The point was that I'm exhausted and this is not going to be any easier. I have to woke up early early early early and I have to days of clinic and three exams. Just great.

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