Monday, May 04, 2009

Who let my mom out?

My mother called me yesterday (as she does every Sunday) and I told her about the dog. I didn't want to tell her because I knew she would say something mean, but I decided to be all grown-up and tell her anyway. And she was mean. She let me understood that I'm not capable of taking care of anything. She said that of course I could try, but it would be J.R. who have to take care of the dog by himself eventually.

I think it's a bit funny how she thinks I'm totally clueless. I moved away from my parents when I was fifteen to live with my aunt while I studied in high school in Helsinki. After I turned eighteen I moved together with my first boyfriend. In other words: I've been independent and responsible person for years. I can't understand why she's so blind.

And she thinks she knows me! "You have never been interested in dogs". Like how could she know? She calls me once a week and tells me everything she's been up to. She doesn't bother to ask me anything to get to know me. She just assumes things. She said she was surprised that I'm actually willing to pay money to get a dog, because I'm so stingy. Sorry, but I'm not. It's easy for her to assume so because she never sees me spending money or wearing new clothes.

I know I should not blog when I'm angry and annoyed, but I can't help this. I'm a good daughter so why can't she be a good mother? Why she has to be so outspoken? I've always done the right thing so why is she so worried?


I bought a clicker on Saturday. There were no real selection, just cheaper one and a more expensive one ("multi-clicker"). I didn't know the difference so I decided to go with a cheaper one first. The sound of the clicker is quite loud and I'm worried that the puppy might find it scary. I've heard it could happen. I tried to damp the sound by putting the clicker inside a sock. It sounded a lot nicer.

I chose bright yellow for a reason: it's easier to see, harder to lose.


  1. Semmosia ne äidit välillä on. Puhuu vaan omista jutuistaan ja sitten pitääkin jo mennä ottamaan piirakka uunista. :P

    Musta tuntuu, että vanhemmat tajuaa lasten itsenäistymisen aina myöhemmin kuin lapset itse. Mun äiti on jo sen tajunnut mut isukilla on vielä sulateltavaa...

  2. My first clicker was exactly the same. It made so awfully loud sounds so neither of us (me and my dog) wanted to use it. It made my ears ache. At first I tried wrapping it into different thigs, but gave up.

    Right now I have a clicker with a button, which sounds much more pleasant. It looks something like this -
    And as I like the sound better I use it more often and that has resulted in quite a few new tricks for my dog :P

  3. Congratulations on getting a puppy! I am also curious about kind it will be, I hope you will tell us soon! You should be happy about this, so don't let anyone make you upset about it! I'm sure, though, that your mother is just worried about you (that's what mothers do!) Give her time and she will see how happy you are!

  4. Dagris: I'm quite sorry that the selection of clickers is so tiny here. And it wouldn't be convenient to buy clickers online, because you can't "sample" them. Maybe they produce even louder click :S

    Alexandra: Thanks! You're right. I should not let anyone to upset me!

  5. :P
    I've always thought that in Finland you have better selection of all the dog stuff than we have here, in Estonia. For example right now I just can'd find a proper pin brush anywhere, but I know you have them in Finland :S

  6. Dagris: I visited several pet stores during the weekend to see what kind of dog toys and dog food there are... I'm doing my own researches, because I'm not so familiar with the selection yet. Anyway. It seems that we have a very good selection of everything else except proper clickers :P

  7. I'm glad you're getting a puppy! Congratulations! There is nothing like a fuzzy bundle of unconditional love, poo, and needle-sharp teeth to take into your heart and home. You'll do fine and I know you'll be a good mom for this pup!

    I don't think the pupy will be afraid of the sound of even a loud clicker once it associates the sound with treats and hugs.