Sunday, May 24, 2009

Papu's first week

I can't believe it's been a week and one day since we brought Papu home with us. It feels like a lot longer time. I guess it's because we've had to take her out to pee for like thousand times. It's just one pee trip after a pee trip. But that's just how puppies are, and Papu is indeed an adorable puppy. She's adorable even when she goes crazy, runs around in circles and play bites us with her needle sharp teeth. I definitely don't regret getting her, she's everything I expected. And maybe even more.

I really wish her ears would stay like that. And they probably will.

Papu still pees inside, and we let her. She's only eight weeks old, so we don't even expect her to be fully house trained yet. We're just happy that she knows where she should pee. Of course there has been several accidents, but we have mostly learned how to prevent them by now. She likes to sniff certain corners of our apartment when she needs to pee, so it's easy to point her the right spot to pee if she has "forgotten" it.

At nights Papu usually wakes me up if she needs to pee. For some reason she won't walk through our relatively tiny apartment alone at nights. She needs me to guide her. I refuse to give her any attention, though. I wait until she's quiet and then I pretend to go to bathroom or something. I don't want her to believe that she's able to get me out of bed anytime she wants. Lately she has been quiet for all night, so I've actually managed to get a good night sleep.

I have not taught her any "tricks" yet, but she's learning how to behave nicely. For example, she knows that when we're sitting on the sofa, the only way to get our attention is to sit quietly. Jumping up or barking is not going to work with us. She also knows "off", though so far it has only worked with treats.

No cuddles? But I look so cute?!

I'm a bit worried about her socialization. We don't personally know anyone who has a dog, so we can't get her safe dog friends easily. And we can't take her to dog parks either, because she still haven't got his vaccinations. I've learned that you should avoid dog parks and other popular dog areas until your puppy is vaccinated. She haven't met many people either, so she's basically afraid of everyone. I feel sorry that we are so antisocial. It would be better if we both had plenty of friends she could interact with. But no can do. We're doing our best anyway.


  1. No, kolmestaan on kivempi olla antisosiaalinen?

  2. She´s so cute!!! :D I wish I´d house-trained my dog, so he could live inside :D

  3. She is very cute! It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job with her!

  4. She is really cute :)... I'ld love to hug her now.