Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Much Is That Puppy in the Window?

I'm more than happy to announce that we are getting a new family member on the 16th day. It means that we have only two and a half weeks to prepare our home for a little puppy. That's right: we are getting a dog!

We are both quite excited, though I think I'm even more excited than J.R. After all, getting a dog was my idea, as well as my dream. Anyway. I've been reading dog books like a crazy now. I just want to be prepared for everything since I'm not experienced with dogs. My family has had several dogs, so I'm very familiar with dogs. I just haven't raised a puppy before.

I'm reading so many different dog books, because I want to be able to compare different training methods and choose the right one for our puppy. I've been thinking about a clicker training, but I'm not sure if it's good for the absolute beginners. It sounds so tricky sometimes. And I read one horrible dog book which included instructions how to physically punish the dog correctly! I thought it was wrong and never touched that book again. Thereafter I've read only modern dog books (that book was from the late 80's), since they support only positive reinforcement.


I have not yet said what kind of a dog we are getting, and I blank that out for a reason. All my friends know what kind of a dog we are getting, because I simply can't keep my mouth shut. But the rest of you... you just have to wait until we have brought the dog home and it's settled down. You can guess, though.


  1. Congrats with the new puppy. I took the plunge 2 years ago and never regretted it. I also bought a lot of puppy books back then!

  2. Clicker training is very effective on most pups and it's not at all as difficult as it sounds! I love dogs and am excited to hear that you're getting one.

  3. En malta odottaa sitä pentukuvien floodausta. ^^

  4. Sarah: Thanks! I borrowed my books from the library. I think I should buy one too, so we would always have one around when we need it :P

    Mika: Then I'm definitely going to try it!

    Elina: Tarkoitus olisi kyllä olla floodaamatta. Katotaan miten onnistuu :P

  5. tell me what dog you are getting! it's killing me... :]

  6. I have read your blog for quite some time now, but now I have to say a few things as it's about dogs :)
    Whatever the breed I hope you're getting your puppy from a responsible breeder. Books are good, but it's better to have someone to turn to whenever you have questions that need to be answered :P

  7. Sunnie: Just be patient :P

    Dagris: Don't worry, the puppy is coming from a responsible breeder. We don't support puppy mills either :)