Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All eyes on the prize

J.R. won an orchid from a flower shop. He took part in some competition in which he had to guess the correct name of a certain orchid. Anyway. Now we have one too and J.R. said it should smell like chocolate. I didn't smell anything, though. I have always had a bad sense of smell. Anyway. I like the new orchid. We have so many plants already that it's really nice to see some flowers for a change.

You don't need timestamps when you photograph things with a clock.


  1. Kauankohan menee että onnistutte tappaa sen. Eiks orkideat oo haastavia. :D

  2. Joo. Ja sen takiahan mä en siihen tuu koskeenkaan. Tappamisesta ei voi sitten ainakaan syyttä mua :P

  3. It's very pretty! Congratulations!