Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nothing ever happens to me

It's hard to blog when nothing ever happens to you. Last Saturday we went to movies. The movie was Watchmen and we liked it a lot. It was long but not boring. And on Tuesday Ossi came by because he wanted our old teamaker (he read from my blog that I was willing to give it away). That's all beside school. And school sucks. And I guess I shouldn't be saying that on my blog anymore, because just today I linked my blog to a school project. I had to write a wikipage about myself, and as you know, there is not much to say about me. So I just write down my contact information and my blog address below it.

But something is happening to J.R. He's applying for schools. And one school he is applying to is in Tampere. It's definitely not his first choice, but it's an option for us. I've been living in the metropolitan area since I was fifteen and I love Espoo. But to be honest, I have no reason to live here. I have no hobbies here, my family doesn't live here and I feel that I'm not so important to my friends either. They wouldn't really miss me. Of course I'm currently studying here, but I can always request for a transfer. They have the same study program in Tampere and according to J.J. (he's studying there) it's very well organized compared to my current school.

Even though it's just an idea, I like to think how my life would be in Tampere. First of all, my family would be closer. I could visit them more often and they could visit me too. I would feel like an outsider anymore since I could participate more. I wouldn't miss birthdays anymore. And I have friends at Tampere as well and they're different than my friends here. I'm not sure how long Elina is going to stay at Tampere after graduating, but at least J.J. doesn't have such plans. He likes to live in Tampere and it would be amazing to be able to see him as often as I want instead of like once or twice in a year. He's still one of my greatest friends, especially because he really wants to hang out with me, unlike my friends here (OK, Ossi is an exception. He's awesome). They just make me feel incredibly lonely, but J.J. makes me feel quite the opposite.

My life would be, out of doubt, better in Tampere, but I still hope that I don't have to move. I definitely could and I wouldn't be miserable at all. But I rather keep on trying. I can see no reason why my life couldn't be here. It just haven't started yet. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow.


  1. Aloin itsekkäästi haaveilla että muuttaisit tänne. :)

    Onhan toi muuttaminen aina arveluttavaa kun on jonnekkin kerran asettunut...

  2. Niin! Aattele kuinka mä voisin opettaa sua kutomaan ja virkkaamaan. Voitais jopa perustaa joku marttakerho :D

  3. I hope everything works out great, no matter what you decide! A friend of mine spent a semester studying in Tampere and I visited her there! It was very pretty!