Monday, April 20, 2009

The cake is not a lie when you're in Viiala.

I just had a wonderful weekend in Viiala! I'm so glad that J.R. likes to visit my parents too, so I don't have to go alone. It wouldn't be as nice. And I like the fact that J.R. gets along with my family very well. My mom seems to like J.R. a lot, and not only because he's a good guy and in love with her daughter, but because J.R. is interested in gardening and cooking. They have plenty of topics they can talk about.

We usually visit several flea markets with my mom, and this weekend was no exception. My mother is a collector and she's always searching for something. And what does she collect...

... she collects My Little Ponies...

... and glass birds...

... and Russian souvenir dolls...

.. and Matryoshka dolls (and other wooden stuff from Russia). Just to mention some of her collections.

She managed to find nine new My Little Ponies and one really pretty glass bird during the weekend, but we found something really nice too. We've been hunting for a silvery two story server (I don't know what they are called. Tell me if you know!) for months, but now we found something even better. It's not silvery, but white with golden linings. It will go well with our fine coffee set, it's white with golden linings too. I still want a traditional silver one too, though.

Just waiting for some chocolate muffins and cookies.

We also found a fourth Kosmos tea mug by Arabia. And it was cheap! I've seen these mugs with 25€ price tag, but this mug cost only 1.90€. Kosmos is usually pretty expensive, but some people don't know that they're valuable and give them a very low price. After all, it's just an "ugly" tea mug. Anyway. I think that four mugs are enough now. I don't even use them often, I just like the way they look. I wouldn't mind one big Kosmos plate, though. It would be nice to have a matching plate for the serving.

On Saturday we celebrated my older big sister's birthday. I didn't know it was her birthday until we were in Viiala, so I had to improvise a little bit with her birthday gift. I crocheted an apple cozy for her and I also bought her a set of Aino Aalto drinking glasses by Iittala. My mother told me that she collects them and my sister seemed pleased. But I should totally update my calendar so I wouldn't miss all these birthdays! I also played with my niece and nephew. I like kids for being so easily amused. I did nothing but threw balloons to the air, but they seemed to have lots of fun.

My mom also cut my hair on Saturday. It's short-ish and weird now, but I like it. She's definitely not a professional hair cutter, but on the other hand her services are free of charge. I rather choose her than costly barbers or hairdressers.

It was very nice to see my family again. I usually only visit my parents, but my sisters keep visiting them too because they live so near. So I always meet my sisters too when I visit my parents. Though I wish I didn't have to meet my younger big sister so often. She's mean and bad-behaving, and she has zero respect toward others. I'm tired of hearing her nasty comments every time I see her. I can't understand why she's so awful when the rest of the family, including me, is completely normal.


  1. Those are some serious collections!
    I have a couple of DVD's, and I don't think they are enough to be considered as collection.
    I guess, I have a materially simple life. :P

  2. Olis kiva nähä miten lyhyt sun tukka oikeesti on. EKana tuli mielee joku polkka. :P

    Musta tuntuu et meiän laholla mökillä on noita Kosmos astioita, tai saman tyylisiä ainaki. Mummin vanhoja tms. :D

  3. Nevermore: I would love to collect something too, but I don't know what. I definitely have a thing for Pez candy dispensers, but I'm not sure if I really want to collect them. And I don't have enough space for a big collection anyway. I do "collect" foreign coins, though, but they don't take much space.

    Elina: Ei se niin lyhyt ole, lyhyempi vain mitä se ennen oli. Sellainen vähän alle olkapäiden.

    Ja nyt diilaat ne Kosmokset sit pikkuhiljaa mulle? Voit saada sit jotain "modernimpia" astioita tilalle :D

  4. Ooooo! I love those little glass birds, too! I only have a few, but I plan to collect more when I return to the States. i don't really want a huge collection, but I love the colors and glass birds don't poop on the floor or the shelf. :o)

  5. Kathleen: My mother used to have just a few glass birds for years. I remember them from my childhood very well. I was always worried that I might break them (I didn't). She started to collect them only about one year ago.