Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our new amigurumi friends

We spent the last night crocheting again. I could easily change my blog's name to "The Odd Crocheting Couple" or something. Anyway. I crocheted a cute snail. And it's actually cute this time:

This snail is not slimy so you can cuddle it as much as you please.

J.R. translated the pattern for me from For The Love Of Yarn. I suck with the patterns, no matter the language. I'm so glad that J.R. is so patient with me and that he tells me how to crochet each round. Without him my snail would have looked like poo or something.

Or course J.R. crocheted something too. First he finished his octopus. I don't know where the pattern is from but it turned out well.

How do you make an octopus to smile? This one is so grumpy.

Then he improvised and crocheted a lizard without any pattern.

This lizard has some kind of a platypus thing going on with his mouth.

At some point of our crocheting we got hungry. So we made some baguettes with sour cream and prawns. I'm mad at myself for not taking a picture of that. It would have made you drool. And this time we had a good crocheting soundtrack too. Here is all what we listened to:

Lou Reed - Transformer
Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
Jack Johnson - On And On
Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static
David Gray - White Ladder
Matt Costa - Unfamiliar Faces

So no death metal this time.


  1. Yhtään väheksymättä harrastustanne – päin vastoin, toi on oikeesti tosi erilaista ja rohkeaa – niin Jack Johnsonin musiikista kertoo kyllä aika paljon se, että se on parhaimmillaan virkkaamisen taustaääninä. Maailman laimein singer-songwriterhissuttelija.

    Toi krokotiili etenkin oli hieno!

  2. In Between Dreams on noista kyllä ihan kiva. Noi muut just sellaista hissuttelua että kaikki biisitkin kuulostaa ihan samalta. Niitä en kyllä itekään ollut aikaisemmin kuunnellut.