Sunday, August 03, 2008

Swiss Roll Saturday

My mother, my sister and her husband visited me yesterday. The last time they visited me was three years ago so they don't come here often. Of course they didn't came only to see us. They wanted to go to Ikea too and they also needed to bring us some furniture from Viiala.

I went to Ikea with them and I had Hannes with me. They drove here with a car that only had seats for three people. So I asked if Hannes would like to go to Ikea too and if we could like take his car. I also invited him to come over later because I wanted my mother to meet my best friend too.

My mother bought me two new plants from Ikea. They look like grass to me but hey, they were cheap and they're green. And I'll probably get them killed anyway.

Little decoration wouldn't harm. Maybe some tiny birds again.

So they brought us some furniture. I wanted to get rid of our old dinner table and the chairs because they were hideous and J.R. totally agreed with me. My mother bought us this old fashioned dining set from a friend of hers:

I really like to have benches instead of chairs. You can fit only one person per chair but you can easily fit more than two persons in one bench. And since our sofa is next to the table you can easily take one bench and use it as a sofa table when you want to eat and watch TV at the same time.

We also exchanged beds: They brought us a notably smaller bed from Viiala and took our gigantic double bed back with them. Our bedroom is a lot roomier now. I didn't even knew it could be so capacious!

And little by little our place is starting to look like ours. This has been my home for I don't know how many years now. But I want to reorganize and redecorate this together with J.R. so we could both feel that this is ours. Not mine. Ours.

My mother also brought us these nice teacups:

And because she knows that I am a bit of a tea enthusiast she also gave me these fridge magnets:

The missing line of the fridge poem is "Kylmä talvi ja valkoinen sade"

I guess it's Hannes who's responsible for those questionable word combinations. It could be Ossi too though. He likes to play with them too.

Yesterday I also baked a gluten-free Swiss roll before I went to Ikea. It was especially for my mom who's coeliac. I told her twice that I baked a gluten-free Swiss roll. But while I was eating my own piece of Swiss roll I suddenly saw her taking a chocolate chip cookie. She had already put it in her mouth but she hadn't bite it yet. So I start yelling "don't eat it, don't eat it" to her. I was just in time. I don't know what she was thinking. But I'm glad that I saw her taking the cookie. You can't eat even a teeny tiny piece of regular cookie if you're coeliac. It's a definite no-no.

Anyway. It was nice that they visited me. I don't spend much time with my family and it bothers me sometimes. They're really cool and I feel comfortable with them. They know me. And it was nice to have this place full of people. Since it was not just my mother and my sister and her husband but J.R. and Hannes too. There were lot's of talking and laughing and bustling and that's what I love most.


And today I composed a theme song for this Sunday. I did it with FL Studio and it took like 15 minutes. You can download it legally and I guess it's so awful that I should pay you for listening to it. And yeah, you're right. It's just the same thing repeated like four times. And oh, it has no ending or whatever, I hope you don't mind.

Amoena - Taking Back Sunday (mp3)


  1. Your pöytäliina is made of win. That's seriously cool-looking.

    I liked the mp3 clip. I've saved it in one of my thousands of folders. I have the singing clip somewhere too. I am a pack rat. I just cling on to everything. I just backed up my Outlook emails and it was 9800 emails, totaling up to 1.1 GB. I have emails from as far back as 2003 or 2004. Weird.

    Anyways, glad to hear you had a pleasant Sunday.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you liked my tablecloth. It's one of my favorites too. But you should see my bedroom curtains too, I think they're even cooler.