Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy birthday Hannes, this is for you

You probably wonder why I have not blogged like in two weeks. The reason is that I have done only uninteresting things. Uninteresting to you, very interesting to me. As I wrote earlier, my boyfriend moved in. I always thought that there wouldn't be a day when I feel like NOT opening my laptop. But there had been several days that I have not opened my laptop. And if I have, I have opened it only to listen to music or to watch movies with J.R. Yes. It's sick. And I love it.

But I guess you want to hear something. So... I have been working. I only have three days left and then I'm starting in a new school. Anyway. J.R. has been cooking for us. My boss said he's a treasure and I totally agree with her. And on the other hand my friends are trying to convince me that he's probably gay. But gay or not, his cookings are delicious so I have nothing to complain.

I realized that it's probably because of my lack of self-confidence why I can't cook. I just can't. I have never made a dinner. I have never cook anything. But I bake. And I bake well. For example today I baked my super yummy muffins because Hannes came by. And because today is his birthday. I used the same recipe as earlier but they turned out even better than before. I guess it was because this time I used also cocoa powder and some vanillin.

Bad picture. Yummy, yummy, yummy muffin.

And because today was Hannes' birthday I dared him to eat a whole green pepper. He nearly died. I didn't expect him to be so masochistic. They're like seriously HOT.

They look so small and innocent, don't they?

I have a really good feeling about everything. I guess I have fulfilled my new year's resolution now. And I try to blog more when all things have settled. Stay tuned by subscribing to my feed.


  1. otatko vielä ulkoasutilauksia vastaan? Siis kato luen vieläkin sun vanhaa blogias. :)

  2. Teoriassa, noin kahden vuoden toimitusajalla. Ja tuskin siltikään tuun saamaan mitään valmiiksi.