Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yesterday I was bored at work so I started to google amigurumi pictures. Amigurumis are small crocheted or knitted softies. According to Wikipedia they are typically animals or like inanimate objects with anthropomorphic (that means human-like, duh) features. Either way, they're supposed to be seriously cute. And usually they are.

I have never liked crocheting or knitting. But seeing all those crocheted cuties seriously made me want to learn how to crochet more than just a chain. So I could like crochet amigurumis too. Before I would have just skipped the whole idea but lately I have been inspired by J.R. He just tries out things and doesn't seem to fear failing like I do. And he was interested in crocheting too. And since we are already like the sickest couple (according to Hannes this time, not to Wikipedia) in the universe I thought why not, crocheting can't be that difficult.

So we bought some yarn and crochet hooks. I started to crochet right away, just to get used to the hook and stuff. I know the basics of the basics but naturally J.R. is not as experienced as a crocheter. He started to read some crochet handbook he borrowed from the library. I glanced it through too but I found all the instructions too complicating. I don't think I can learn crocheting from the books.

And I crocheted my first amigurumi! Even though I wasn't really trying to. I just crocheted and soon I realized I was making some kind of a hat. And when the hat was finished I thought I could crochet a worm or something that could wear it. And here's the result:

It's a cactus with a tiny sombrero! I call him... Mr. Cactus!

I told Hannes about our new hobby. And the next moment we were talking about gay sex.


  1. Maybe your best post ever<3. I should get really worried about you when we both start our schools and can't chat like we have used to :P. Crocheting might be a great hobby and it is nice that you have found new sides of yourself with Janne :). But next time you get bored, try me & J.J @ msn.

  2. If you start to miss me, just pay me a visit. I'm not going anywhere and our door is always open for you.

  3. I envy you so much now. You're obviously really good with your hands. :D

  4. Tietäisit vaan. En todellakaan ole kätevä :D